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UKWA Shows Support for NIC

UKWA Shows Support for NIC

The United Kingdom Warehousing Association, or UKWA, has praised the recent announcement that has been made by Chancellor Hon Philip Hammond MP, who has instructed an in-depth study to be undertaken by the National Infrastructure Commission on the future of freight.

The CEO of UKWA, Peter Ward has said on behalf of the association that they are thrilled that the importance of freight movement is carried out in the urban environment are being placed high up on the agenda by the government while they work to plan a more sustainable future that is better able to meet the demands and requirements of the rising populations that have rapidly changing demands.

The UKWA has been working extensively in order to emphasise the challenges that are being faced by the logistics industry, especially with urban logistics, and the Association has said that they are ready and waiting to stand and support the National Infrastructure Commission, or NIC, wherever they can in order to make sure that the industry continues to adapt and flourish.

In 2015, the Association commissioned and then published a report in conjunction with Savills, the leading property consultant. This report highlighted that there was a critical lack of real estate supply or appropriate development taking place in the logistics sector. As a part of this a warning was issued by the Peter Ward that policymakers needed to legislate for more growth and warehousing space in order to prevent a pinch point for the UK industry.

The CEO of the UKWA feels that the association is in a unique position that can be beneficial to the NIC as they offer a relevant resource, knowledge and market experience. On top of the independent surveys and intelligence that can be gained directly from UKWA members, the Association are also able to offer the NIC expert input from their Advisory Boards, that works to bring together industry leaders and specialists to share their knowledge, best practice and work to develop leadership on a range of different issues that could change the sector going forward, such as infrastructure and technology.

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