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UKWA Has Formed a Collaboration With Logistics Learning Alliance

UKWA Has Formed a Collaboration With Logistics Learning Alliance

The United Kingdom Warehousing Association, or UKWA has formed a collaboration with Logistics Learning Alliance in order to develop a Warehouse Supervisor Certificate of Professional Competence. This new certification is said to be the equivalent to a Level 3 of the Regulated Qualification Framework. The Warehousing CPC has been suggested as an ideal course for supervisors and team leaders that are working in the warehouse sector.

The United Kingdom Warehousing Association is the leading trade organisation as part of the logistics sector. The Association has more than 650 members from a range of different warehouse and logistics providers including manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers and suppliers of the logistics industry.

The Warehouse CPC covers subjects such as warehouse operations, leadership and management and customer service skills. In total the course is said to be an estimated 140 hours of online learning. There is an option of a fast-track and face-to-face programme available. The Association works to protect and advance the interest of their members while also supporting any forms of business development and encouraging industry and best practice. The members of UKWA have been assessed and audited by the Association before joining in order to ensure that they demonstrate the required standards when working.

The introduction of the Warehouse CPC comes after the successful launch of the Warehouse Manager CPC. This particular course opened last year and it soon became clear that there was a market for a lower level programme that could be pitched to those working in the industry that are Supervisors or Team Leaders. It is thought that the new distance learning course has been designed in order to meet the needs of the industry in a way that is focused and relevant to the vital skills that are required by Supervisors in order to improve their technical competence is warehouse operations, leadership and management. These skills are developed through improving their knowledge, awareness and ability to manage the activities of their teams.

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