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AAL Announced a Completed a Nine-Month Shipment Project

AAL Announced a Completed a Nine-Month Shipment Project

AAL, one of the leading shipping operators that deal with breakbulk, project cargo and heavy lift shipping has announced that they have completed a nine-month shipment project on behalf of LPL Projects and Logistics GmbH. This extensive project involved the multipurpose operation company transporting 194,561 freight tons of equipment. The transportation of the HRSG modules and other related equipment was taking place between Ulsan and Penglai to Sokhna and Adabiyah. The products that have been transported are to be used as a part of the largest power generation plan to take place in Egypt. This project is called the Siemens’ Megaproject, and will see the technology company Siemens install their cutting edge power generation technology as part of the Megaproject to create three different Combined Cycle Power Plants and 12 wind parks.

The cargo was transported by AAL on 17 different sailings that travelled past South Korea, China and Egypt from August 2016 and May 2017. The 384 HRSG modules that were transported alongside the 45,000 freight tons of accessories will be employed at the Beni Suef and New Capital Power Plants. It is thought that these two locations make up around two thirds of the world’s largest combined-cycle power station that is gas fired. The work that is being carried out as part of the Megaproject will see an increase of the company’s power capacity by around 45%.

AAL was awarded the contract to carry out the transportation by LPL in the summer of 2016 with the work being started almost immediately. The contract involved carrying out monthly, if not fortnightly sailings in the Red Sea in order to transport the modules and other related equipment. Both AAL and LPL have praised their partners for  the work that has been carried out. Hopefully the companies will continue to work together on more successful projects of a similar scale in the future.

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