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Worldline Released an Alexa Skill For Train Times and Fares

Worldline Released an Alexa Skill For Train Times and Fares

Worldline, or more specifically redspottedhanky.com has released an Alexa skill for train times and fares. This is the first of its kind in the UK. Worldline is Europe’s leader in the payment and transaction service industry. The company announced last week that their independent rail ticket retailer for the UK, redspottedhanky.com can be accessed by Amazon Echo and the Echo Dots. These devices can be used to provide information from the rail ticket provider using the Alexa skill ‘redspottedhanky’. Worldline has worked to become accessible in this platform in order to help the UK train travelers understand complex timetables and fares.

Worldline is a leader of the payments and transactional services sector. It is an Atos company and works to deliver a new-generation of services that will enable smooth and innovative solutions for the end consumer. Worldline focuses on having a flexible business model that has been create around a growing global portfolio ad offers end-to-end support.

The redspottedhanky skill as part of the Alexa programming will be providing the cheapest fare available for the specified journey. It is a first for the UK rail industry that timetables and fares can be accessed by passengers using just their voice. The skill will allow passengers to plan their journey around Great Britain and there are also options to save favourite journey while also offering the cheapest of quickest service.

It is thought that now the redspottedhanky skill is live, it will carry on being developed and enhanced in order to add more exciting new features that will improve the train travel and make it more accessible for passengers. Using Alexa skills means that there is also the removal of any confusion or frustration that is caused by personally looking at navigating manually through the best deals and offers in order to get cheaper travel by train.

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