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Quinlan Adds new Krone Dry Liners to Fleet

Quinlan Adds new Krone Dry Liners to Fleet

Quinlan Transport has announced that they have taken delivery of their second consignment of Dry Liner box trailers from Krone. This new order of vehicles will join their 30-strong trailer fleet which works to deliver bread and a range of other related products to RDCs across Ireland.

Based in Thurles Tipperary, Quinlan Transport has been established for 30 years, and were looking for a box trailer that combined strength and high capacity as a part of their recent expansions. Commenting on the requirements of the logistics company, Michael Quinlan has said that they tend to run out of space before they reach the weight limit of their trailers. Because of this space challenge the company were looking for trailers that offer the maximum internal capacity possible while still keeping to the 4m overall height. The Dry Liners that have been delivered allows Quinlan Transport to load up to 6 tonnes of bread into an insulated trailer box which is dry and secure.

The Dry Liner trailers have been manufactured in Herzlake in Germany and has been designed to work in both the UK and the European markets. The trailer is slim and has a 100mm neck which offers additional load volume for the transport company as well as a fifth wheel height of 1,250mm. These measurements and the total height of 4,000mm allows for an internal height of 2,615mm. When searching the market for the right Dry Liner, the team at Quinlan felt that the Krone model was the best in terms of strength, loading capacity and overall value for money.

The Dry Line bodywork manufactured by Krone was launched in UK and Ireland in 2015, the Dry Liner body work construction is accredited with the European Code XL, or the EN 12642. The bodywork construction has a strong reputation and has quickly become the default choice for operators in a wide range of different transport sectors due to Krone’s build quality and load security.

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