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Gerry Jones Transport Installs new Michelin Tyres

Gerry Jones Transport Installs new Michelin Tyres

A haulage company based in Gwent, Gerry Transport, is among the first to fit the new range of Michelin Tyres. The leading manufacturer first released their new 315/70 R 22.5 drive tyres at the CV Show and are expecting the new products to deliver even more grip and lower cost per kilometre that its predecessor. The new tyre has come from Michelin’s €700 million a year investment into the research and development of new components to constantly improve the quality and longevity of the products they offer their customers.

Gerry Jones specify that Michelin tyres are fitted on all of their new fleet vehicles, testing competitors’ tyres occasionally but always returning to Michelin because of their long life and performance. The hauliers also install Michelin tyres when replacing tyres and also works to actively regroove each of their tyres in order to make sure that the longest life possible is achieved for each tyre.

The Gwent based company have a fleet that is made up of 20 rigids, 50 tractor units and 110 trailers. These vehicles all carry out Gerry Jones’ haulage and transportation services, which can see them travelling between 270,000 and 300,000 km with a set of Michelin drive axle tyres before they need to be replaced. The new X Multi D tyres supplied by the manufacturer has been fitted onto one of the company’s DAF tractor units which is expected to travel over 120,000 km each year. This vehicle will really put the new Michelin Tyres to the test for performance and lasting power. The tractor trailer will be in competition with a range of other trailer types as they carry out work across the nation, operated by only one driver in order to fit in with Gerry Jones’ one driver one truck policy.

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