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Baines Simmons Has Revealed That They Have Been Awarded a New Contract

Baines Simmons Has Revealed That They Have Been Awarded a New Contract

Baines Simmons, the Air Partner’s aviation safety consultancy company has revealed that they have been awarded a new contract. The aviation safety consultants have been contracted to provide services for the Royal Airforce of Oman. The work will hopefully look into making sure that the aircraft used by the Air Force clients are airworthy and safe, and stay that way for many years to come.

The contract that has been awarded to Baines Simmons also works alongside plans to support the development of Continuing Airworthiness. This Royal Air Force of Oman have in the past used a military regulation system which was itself based on a UK legacy requirement. However this system will be updated with the Continuing Airworthiness regulations. This new set of rules will will make sure that the Air Force is working in cooperation of the international modern military airworthiness requirements. This safety programme is especially important as the Royal Air Force has  and fleet of Typhoon and Hawk 200 aircraft.

The aviation safety consultant also has a training programme that is based on the updated European Military Airworthiness Requirements. The training programme is also based on regulations from the European Aviation Safety Agency. The team that work at Baines Simmons have people who have military as well as civil experience. Also there are former UK CAA and MAA industry experts as part of the employees at Baines Simmons.

Baines Simmons was acquired by the Air Partner plc in 2015 and since this date the company have managed to secure a number of contracts which includes a ten year contract with the Isle of Man. Hopefully the the new contract that has been secured with the Royal Air Force of Oman will lead to a fruitful long term relationship between the two companies. Before the acquisition, Baines Simmons has worked with a number of international military and government organisations Including the Royal Navy and the Ministry of Defence.

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