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Air Partner Complete Time Critical Logistics Operation

Air Partner Complete Time Critical Logistics Operation

Global aviation services group., Air Partner has announced that they have carried out a time critical lift of 3,044 kg to Stockholm. The cargo contained spare car parts and was transported using two different German Airports. Air Partner transported this cargo on behalf of a freight forwarding company. Allow the double pick up introduced a range of challenges for the global aviation services group, however the company managed to carry out the operation two hours ahead of schedule.

The first request for the cargo transportation was made by a client seeking the urgent transportation of 1,676 kg of cargo. The cargo required transportation from central Germany to Stockholm. Air Partner managed to offer two solutions to their client 25 minutes after receiving their initial enquiry, of which the most cost-effective was selected. The operation involved trucking the cargo to Frankfurt-Hahn before being flown to Stockholm Skavsta airport. Before the flight was scheduled to depart, a different client requested transportation, this time of 1368 kg of cargo to be delivered to the same airport. The second load was located at Münster Osnabrück. The Frankfurt cargo was loaded before a stop off at Münster Osnabrück to collect the second order. The cargo was loaded on the aircraft which landed in Sweden at midnight, which was 1hour and 50 minutes ahead of the proposed schedule for the original flight from Germany.

Air Partner works closely with the automotive industry, and the industry is a vital part of Air Partner’s Freight business, carrying out essential transportation work within Europe and North Africa, similar to the operation mentioned above. The global aviation services group are able to operate in this sector through their use of the RED-TRACK, which is Air Partner’s exclusive online order confirmation. The system also features a real-time tracking system; offering clients smart efficient and transparent transportation solutions.

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